The body is in a constant state of healing because it’s goal at the most basic level is survival. Even when we experience pain, illness, or physical dis ease, the body is working to achieve homeostasis and wellness. However, when we experience disharmony in body on a physical, mental or emotional level, the message of “wellness” and “perfect health” being sent from the body to the brain becomes distorted and the mind plays a new “track” or “story” of discomfort, illness and dis ease. This is why people can experience pain long after an injury has healed; the body is still firing the message of pain/imbalance back to the brain.

Hands-on-healing interrupts this message by providing a reminder of what wellness and balance feels like in the body and allows for a new and healing message to be sent back to the brain. I like to think of hands-on-healing as a “reset” button for our mind and body.
During and after a session is complete, recipients may experience a deep sense of connection, awareness and relaxation. They might also a decrease of complete relief from pain, stress, anxiety, and undesired symptoms. Hands-on-healing recipients also report feelings of balance, restoration, and better sleep.

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