LEVEL III: Intuition & Mediumship

Intuition & Mediumship is for the Intuitive or Empath who is already in-tune with and using their intuition on a daily basis, personally and/or in their business. If you are  looking to:

  • Further your message work by providing details and accurate information

  • Provide proof-of-life from loved ones who have crossed over

  • Deliver messages of healing, guidance, and hope from loved-ones on the other side

  • Inspire yourself  (or others) as you strengthen your connection to the Universe by gaining a strong understanding of Spirit Communication and how Spirit is communicating with you. 

To partake in this course, if you haven't completed "Intuition Practical" I will do a telephone consult with you to make sure this course is what you are looking for and that you have the skill set/experience to partake. There is no need for stress or feel anxious about the consult because I would love to be a part of helping you to further develop your gifts! The "soul-purpose" (haha, do you like what I did there?) of the consult is to ensure your success and the success of your course mates, so everyone can advance together. You will be met with warmth and encouragement during the mini-meeting. I will never leave anyone behind in a course, which is why I want to ensure everyone everyone is coming in at the same skill set, so we can work together and challenge one another to push our message work further in a loving, healing, and productive way.

I've completed Level II: Intuition PracticaL 

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