LEVEL I: Intuition Tool Box

In Intuition Tool Box (Intuition Level I) we will use tangible tools like tea leaves, automatic writing, aura reading and oracle cards (to name a few) as well as exercises to warm us up to the idea of receiving and interpreting messages from the Universe/Spirit/God/Source; whichever title feels best for you. We begin stepping outside of our comfort zone, as we stretch our intuitive muscles to receive and share messages, leaning on the tools for support as we build our confidence.

Are the tools necessary? Absolutely not! They are a helpful way to support beginners to validate their own messages. Using intuitive or divining tools helps the student to observe that what is coming through really is a message from the divine and not just an illusion or "made up" in their "imagination."

When struggling with confidence and belief about whether or not you have the ability to perceive and share messages, tools can help you to focus your attention and take the self-inflicted stress and pressure to "be right" away from the experience; creating a space for clear connection.

Intuition Tool Box is for you if:

  • You feel a draw to spiritual development because of a gut feeling, gentle nudges, unexplainable curiosity, coincidences that seem to be happening more and more frequently

  • You feel a "pull" to developing your intuition, but you aren't quite sure what that means for you

  • You want to try out different intuitive tools like tea leaves, oracle cards, aura reading, etc to uncover which intuitive modalities you enjoy the most

  • You already follow your intuition, but you aren't quite sure how to turn gut instincts into clear messages

  • You're already intuitive and recognize communication through coincidences, dreams, and meditation but you aren't sure what to do next

  • You are a practicing intuitive looking for inspiration for teaching your own courses and would like some ideas