LEVEL II: Intuition Practical

In Intuition Practical, we let go of the tools and focus on message work using intuition alone. 

In this course you will: 

  • Advance your message work
  • Learn how to and begin delivering clear, detailed and accurate messages
  • Develop a personal catalogue of symbols that are unique to you and your intuitive skill set
  • Learn how to accurately interpret signs and symbols to "make sense" of the messages you receive
  • Expand your comfort zone with message validation from fellow students
  • Receive one-on-one support throughout the course 
  • Strengthen your relationship with your intuition and the Universe
  • Create a personal development practice to support your continued development
  • Gain the confidence and comfort level through experience and practice to deliver healing and accurate messages to clients
  • Have access to our private online community of fellow intuitives who are also developing their intuition and mediumship skills

Intuition Practical is for you if you already: 

  • Feel comfortable delivering messages to friends and family

  • Understand what clairperceptive abilities are and can identify yours
  • Follow intuition in your daily life

  • Have a meditation practice that helps you feel in sync with Spirit/The Universe

  • Recognize synchronicities, signs, and Universal support 
  • Use and rely on your intuition for deeper insight

If you haven't mentally checked "Yes" for all of these questions, Join Us in Intuition Level I to advance your practice and boost your confidence in your message work and Spirit & Universal Communication to prepare you for Level II!