Intuitive Development

You have the ability to connect with Source wisdom

We are a each sensitive beings and we were born with the ability to read energy and "pick up" information to help guide us on our journey through life. Our bodies are programmed to receive messages from others and the Universe, so why do we feel disconnected? Why don't we feel like the clear channel for guidance and awareness that we have the ability to be? 

We each come into the world Sensitive, Aware, and Connected. As we learn through life, we often take on beliefs about who we think we "should" be or who we "believe" we are or are not, and we focus on goals we think we "ought" to accomplish. Instead of focusing on our connection to self and one another, our greatest gift, we often focus on tangible responsibilities, believing the more we do/see/have the better we will feel about ourselves. The truth of that is that to feel joyful, fulfilled and infinitely connected to one another and this World, we need only go inside ourselves, choose where to focus our attention and learn how to listen. 

These Intuitive Development Courses are designed to meet you where "you're at." Each course can be taken independently, but if you choose to partake in all three, the courses build upon one another to provide you with a strong foundation of Ethics and Practices, Confidence, and Skill.

Each course link offers a more in depth description and a check list to see if the course is right for you‚Äč

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