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What can I expect during a Reading?

Each session is different and is catered to your own personal desires and needs. For some, a session may include intuitive insight and guidance around current struggles or difficulties, it might include connecting with loved ones from the other side who bring through information that can be validated by you and your family, or our time together might look more like a spiritual coaching session where we work to identify and work through limiting beliefs and ideas that keep you stuck and prevent you from moving forward in your life. Each session is preceded with a consultation, either in advance of our meeting or just before the session to answer any questions you  might have about the process or to discuss what you would like to accomplish during our time together.

If you have specific questions, it can be helpful to write them down in advance and bring them with you, to ensure we are able to cover as much as we can in our time together.

If you don't have specific questions, we will allow the session to take us where it may.

You are more than welcome to take notes and/or record sessions, so you can refer back to the session later.

Whatever form your session takes, you can rest assured that you will be met with warmth, kindness, and understanding as we share together in healing.

When you arrive                                                   

In Person Readings: When you arrive, you will have the opportunity to choose a comfortable spot and to get settled, setting up your recording device if you wish. Water and a notepad are provided in case you would like to take notes during your session.

Before we begin, I will explain how the reading works and what to expect, if we have not yet had the opportunity to discuss. At this time, you are welcome to ask any questions about how we will proceed.

I ask that you save your session questions until after I have had the opportunity to share some messages with you. I do this partly so you are able to validate who is coming through without giving me any information and mostly because I like to give Spirit the opportunity to come through first, with any messages of healing they wish to share and impart. To start out, the less I know about you the better, because it gives you the opportunity to have aha moments and validate that your loved ones or guides are really coming through for you.

Once the session begins, you are welcome to ask me for more information, to elaborate, and to clarify whenever needed. I will be sure to check in with you during the session, asking if you understand or need more information. Once I have had the opportunity to share whatever messages are coming through, I will open it up to you to ask specific questions.

Telephone/Skype Readings: These readings follow a similar structure, with the dfference being that we well agree on a specific time to connect via telephone or Skype Chat, and the reading will take place over the telephone or internet. The process works the same way, whether we are in person or separated by geographical distance. 

Frequently Asked Questions                                

Do you see Dead People?

Sometimes. More often than not, the way I receive messages is through feeling, seeing pictures and symbols, hearing specific words or names, and an inner knowing. This means that I have to interpret messages as they come to me. I might have a feeling arise in a certain part of my body or an image (metaphorical symbol) that represents a literal experience. Through claircognizance ( clear knowing,) I might be impressed with a specific message to share with you. I also see movies play out in my mind's eye to help me to better understand how you feel and what you are experiencing at a given time or in a specific situation. For some messages, all of these abilities will be at work, while other messages will come to me all in pictures or feelings. Whichever the combination and however Spirit chooses to work with me, I work to clearly interpret and communicate their messages to you.

Can you read my mind?

I knew you were going to ask that! I do have the ability to "pick up" on your energy through visuals, impressions, and symbols, and might happen to touch on something you were "just thinking about," but I do not have access to a streaming dialogue of your most private thoughts and embarrassing stories. Spirit also respects your 'internal privacy clause' (most of the time,) so those stories might just come to light, but only if it is for the purpose of healing.

Can I learn how to do this for myself?

Absolutely! We are all able to get in touch with and develop our intrinsic gifts. Psychics and Mediums are not "special" or given a gift that only they have access to, they have simply worked at fine-tuning their ability. Like any talent, psychic development and mediumship are more natural for some and the skill has to be learned by others. An example: One pianist might intrinsically know how to play piano, while another might have to spend time practicing and learning how to read music and recognize the different keys and chords. In time both will be able to make beautiful music, but they will taken different routes to get there. The same is true for psychis and mediums, some hold onto their gifts from birth, while others forget about their innate abilities and have to rediscover them through practice and development.

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