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*lunch provided each day*

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a traditional Japanese practice, which treats the 

mind, body and spirit through the gentle application of

hands-on or distance healing. Founded by Dr. Mikao Usui

in the early 1900s, “Universal life force energy” travels

through the attuned person to go where it is needed,

promoting natural healing, stress reduction, and relaxation

into each person's life.

Reiki is known to release physical and emotional

blockages, bring healing and relief to areas of illness or

pain, and aid in a greater clarity and awareness. Reiki also
    • Aids in better sleep
    • Reduces anxiety and increases relaxation
    • Reduces blood pressure
    • Adjusts the flow of the endocrine system, bringing
      the body into a harmonious balance
    • Aids the body in releasing toxins
    • Supports the immune system
    • Raises the body’s vibrational frequency
    • Aids in spiritual growth and development
    • Aids the body in releasing physical, emotional,

      and mental blockages
    • Increases vitality and postpones aging
    • Decreases or completely relieves pain

    • Is an excellent complement to both allopathic

       and homeopathic healing modalities

FULL COURSE  $997 + hst
*lunch provided each day*

​​Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you split the sessions over multiple weeks instead of completing each level or multiple levels in 1 weekend?

Traditionally, Reiki is taught over many years, as it takes time for the practitioner to go through their own energetic shifts and learning curves. As the teachings have been passed down, the time for classes has been shortened to make the teaching more accessible to more people. We become better practitioners when we have the opportunity to practice on others, receive treatments, and experience and apply Reiki Healing in our every day lives, so by splitting the course over multiple weeks, we allow time for questions to formulate and shifts to begin to take place. It also allows you time as the student practitioner to practice on friends and family and to rest between your training and your regular work week. While some choose to teach multiple levels of Reiki Certification over a weekend, I believe that the best teaching is supported by time, practice, and continued guidance, so I work to offer the best and most extensive training possible, while still considering a busy North American lifestyle.

Who comes to you to learn Reiki?

The majority of my students are people who have already completed Reiki training with other Teachers. These students are looking to improve their understanding of Reiki, energy healing, enhance their intuition, and increase their knowledge and experience, so they can conduct private sessions with ease and confidence. Some of our other students include Doctor's of Medicine (MDs), Nutritionists, Energy Workers, Chi Gong students, Psychic Mediums, and those who are learning about healing for the first time and want to create a solid foundation for growth and personal practice.    

What makes you different from other Reiki Teachers?

We each bring our life experience and healing knowledge into our work. My life experience includes certification as a Metaphysician, a Minister of Spiritual Healing & Prophecy, Auras, Chakras & Kindalini, Axiatonal Alignment, Crystal Healing, Complete Cellular Mind Body Alignment, Therapeutic Touch Level I & II, Reiki Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher, and Reiki Advanced Techniques. My training and learning is continuous because I am passionate about Healing, Energy, and the science of how it all works. We all have the ability to work with energy, and being a clear channel for healing takes time, experience, and dedication to develop your practice. As a teacher, I am dedicated to providing you with a solid foundation and structure you can refer back to and count on for support. This is important to me because when the course is complete, I want you to walk away knowing that you can deliver successful and transformational treatment supported by a strong understanding of what Reiki is, how Energy Healing works, and how to be a clear and effective channel for healing.

What happens when the course is finished?

Practice, practice, practice! Experience is the best teacher when it comes to learning how to center yourself and channel healing for yourself or others, so the more you can practice, the more you will learn.

It is always a great idea to get in touch with other Reiki students for exchanges and to offer healing to friends, family, and pets to allow you to continue your growth.

I host Reiki & Healing Share at OM Toronto, where practitioners can come and practice, ask questions, receive feedback, and connect with one another for community and support. 

Once you are ready to start working on potential clients (After the completion of Level II) I also host Healing Circles, where we will shine the spotlight on you, the practitioner to offer treatments to those in attendance and connect with new potential clients.

Just because the course is finished, doesn't mean you are out there alone! I am here to support you, to stay in touch with you, and , so know that you are always welcome to connect with us by telephone or email, during a Reiki Share, or during a private mentor session. 

Do I have to do all the levels?

Absolutely not. Reiki is about following a path to which you are drawn. If you are looking to experience Reiki and practice on yourself or and friends and family, you might choose to complete Level I. If you would like to further your understanding of energetic practices and would like to become a practitioner, you can do so by completing Level I & II. Reiki Level III Advanced & Master/Teacher is for those who are looking to extend their healing vocabulary and knowledge, teach Reiki, and to learn how to properly attune others. Each Level is incredibly valuable on its own and does well to be considered whole within itself.

What Reiki Branches and Lineage does your training include?

Your lineage will include the teachings of four different lineages, including: Usui Shiko Ryoho, Raku Kei Reiki, Usui/Tibetan Reiki, & Karuna Reiki. While we do not focus our teachings around our lineage, it allows us to cover a breadth and depth of information to provide a solid understanding of Reiki Healing. The manual you will receive has been created, interpreted, and compiled from the most relevant parts of these teachings to provide you with a comprehensive guide that is easy-to understand, while assisting with your practice.

Reiki Certification

The draw to Reiki is different for everyone, so whether you are here to learn Reiki as a personal spiritual practice, you have an interest in healing your own life or the lives of others, or you are simply curious and looking to expand your energy healing knowledge and repertoire, Reiki is for you.

This powerful modality helps us to integrate balance, harmony, and flow into our lives and the lives of others and contributes to incredible transformation. As we practice Reiki, we will learn to access the Universal Life-Force Energy; an infinite source for healing to which we each have unlimited access.

REIKI LEVEL I(14-16 hrs)                                                                

In Reiki Level I we will learn about the Principles of Reiki, new concepts, “rules,” and a sequence of hand positions to help us navigate our way through self-healing, a chair session, and a table session.

    Topics & Exercises Covered:

    • The Discovery & History of Reiki
    • Ethics & Guidelines
    • The Reiki Principles & Precepts
    • The Hara
    • The Chakra Energy System & Endocrine System
    • The 3 Pillars of Reiki
    • Hand Positions
    • Self, Chair, & Table Treatments
    • Receive the Level I Attunement
    • Extensive Training Manual with pictures and hand
      positions and a step-by-step guide to walk you through
      a Level I Reiki treatment

    • 12-14 Hours in Class (2 days)
    • 2 additional hours of private mentoring
    • 8 student Maximum

January 20th & 27th, 2018 (10am - 5pm) *lunch provided*

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REIKI LEVEL III (Master / Teacher & Advanced)(27-30 hrs)                         

Level III focuses on fine-tuning one’s healing ability as you learn how to use a Reiki Healing Grid and exercises to deepen your focus and connection. Level III also includes new symbols, breath work techniques, Spirit Releasement, Reiki for animals, energy Meridians, and healing meditations for personal development. To become a Reiki Teacher either as a business or for friends and family who might benefit from healing, each person will learn to attune others to Reiki Level I, II, and III

Topics & Exercises Covered:

• The Healing attunement
• Two Tibetan Master Symbols
• Usui Master Symbol
• The Violet Breath
• The Hui Yin
• Aura Clearing
• Reiki Crystal Grids
• Energy Meridians and Points
• The Dantian and Hara
• Reiki for Animals – Hand Positions
• The Energy Sweep/Net Technique
• Spirit Releasement Technique
• Healing Meditations and Guided Imagery for self
   & others
• How to attune others to Reiki Level I, II, and III
• Extensive Training Manual with pictures and hand
   positions and a step-by-step guide to walk you
   through each exercise, treatment, and attunements

• 22-25 Hours in Class (4 days)
• 5 additional hours of private mentoring
• 8 student Maximum

REIKI LEVEL II (21-23 hrs)                                                                       

As you embark on this Journey into the Second Degree of Reiki or Reiki Level II, you will be expanding your understanding of energy, developing you intuitive healing abilities, and possibly laying the foundation for a new venture as you begin to work with clients. Whatever goal you are moving toward, this is a time for expansion and inclusion, as you further develop your Reiki practice and your healing knowledge. Sessions will become much more fluid and comfortable, as you become more familiar and sensitive to subtle energies. As you work, your sessions may be guided by your own intuition, resting your hands in one part of the body while you work energetically on a different area of the body. You might also find that as you become more comfortable with channeling healing, you will be gifted with insight and messages for yourself or the healing recipient. Whatever your personal experiences, we will work together to expand your healing awareness as well as your intuition around healing, opening you up to new possibilities and incredible insight around your practice.

    Topics & Exercises Covered:

    • The Japanese Healing Symbols
    • Level II Hand Positions
    • Clearing and Energizing rooms and spaces
    • Byosen Scanning
    • Chakra Testing and Balancing
    • Intuitive Healing
    • Distance Healing
    • Intro to the Meridians
    • Healing with your Heart
    • Healing with your Eyes
    • Starting a Reiki Practice
    • Extensive Training Manual with pictures and hand
       positions and a step-by-step guide to walk you through
       each Level II treatment

    • 16 -18 Hours in Class (3 days)
    • 2 additional hours of private mentoring
    • 8 student Maximum

    • Student Reiki Practice Days to connect you with potential clients and grow your  


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​Reiki Master & Advanced

A gentle, non-invasive modality with benefits including deep relaxation, relief from stress and anxiety and an increase in energy and motivation

January 14th & 28th, Feb 4th 2018 (10am - 5pm) *lunch provided*

*dates to be decided with students*

FULL COURSE  $497 + hst
*lunch provided each day*