Healing & Prophecy and Our History

Healing & Prophecy is a place to join together for Healing, Personal & Spiritual Growth, and Intuitive Development. This is a place to make new friends, to network with practitioners, and a home-away-from-home in an otherwise chaotic world. Together we laugh, cry, grow and begin to lay the foundation for healing and self-discovery.

In 2007 we had a humble beginning in a two bedroom apartment at Mount Pleasant & Eglinton, where I offered private readings and sessions as a student of Healing & Mediumship. As a community of people looking for personal & spiritual development began to grow, Healing & Prophecy was born and we relocated to a Chinese Medicine clinic near Yonge & Eglinton in 2010. As our Meditation group began to expand, filling the tiny waiting room of the shared office with warmth, inspiration and genuine fellowship and connection, the need for more space became obvious. We moved into a small and beautiful basement office, where we stayed for 5 years, growing stronger as a community of down-to-Earth students & practitioners, exploring the "something more" in life. Larissa's Passion Project, OM TORONTO Meditation, Healing Arts, Yoga & Workshop Centre was born in 2015 and we moved our community to Yonge & Sheppard; a commercial space with treatment rooms and a large studio for groups, fellowship, and healing .

Our once small and humble office filled with beautiful energy has expanded to become a Healing Hub for Practitioners and Students on their Spiritual & Personal Growth Journey, bringing together a community of kind and motivated individuals who are dedicated to their personal growth, healing, and community.

What do you offer?


Private one-on-one Sessions for those looking for Hands-on-Healing Sessions, Spiritual Counselling, Readings and Mediumship.

Certification Courses & Workshops including Reiki Practitioner & Teacher Training, Intuitive Development Certification & Training, and one-day Workshops.

Weekly & Monthly Meetups including Meditation, Healing Shares, and Intuitive Development Circles, making healing and development accessible and affordable for all.

Practitioner Mentoring & Support to help practitioners create a fulfilling and abundant life and practice.

What are your Core Values and Beliefs?  

Give a man a fish and you'll feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you'll feed him for a lifetime. (Chinese Proverb)
The best way to integrate healing into your life is by practicing daily. One-on-one sessions are an incredible time for deep relaxation, restoration, and personal guidance and insight, but I want you to continue the work after your session because the best way to achieve healing is to be part of the process. For this reason, I often send you home with tools or homework to integrate the practice into your every day life. Whether it is a simple breath work technique to reduce stress and increase focus, some objective guidance from the other side, or an exercise to promote mindfulness, the greatest transformation comes when you decide to take charge and be an active participant in your healing.

Our Mind and Body are Constantly Healing.

Our Mind and Body work in our favour, all day, every day, guiding us towards healing and the sensation of wholeness. We experience discomfort, illness, anxiety, and disease when our beliefs conflict with this reality. For this reason, we work together to restore and create healing beliefs about yourself and your life, so you can live the happiest, healthiest, and most abundant life possible.

Thoughts Create Reality.
When we create a healthy environment in our mind we create the ideal space within to flourish. When we believe we can create our ideal life, we are able to align with and attract all of our desires. By focusing our attention on that which lifts us up and shifting out attention away from that which makes us feel contracted or unhappy, we close the gap between what we want to experience and previously dreamed about and we begin to live the life we have imagined for ourselves. We each have the ability to focus our mind and attract that which we desire.

When You Pray, Move Your Feet. (African Proverb) Every step toward healing is the result of a conscious action. One can visualize what they would like to attract faithfully and frequently, but to experience real results, we must take action to achieve our goals. We have access to incredible abundance only when we do the work. When we focus on our Personal Responsibility to create the life we want instead of praying for change, we take charge of our lives and begin to Move Our Feet.

About the Company & Community